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March 06, 2021 · 4 min read

Devblog: Blocking URLs in Brave and Edge

Hello everyone. 👋🏻 With our latest update for macOS you can now use our URL blocker with Brave and Microsoft Edge. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the new update for macOS, our progress with Flow iOS, and a tough decision we had to make in one of our recently released updates.

First, let’s talk about our previous update 2.4.0. This update brought a new feature called ‘Session Title’, which we’ve talked about in our previous devblog post. Implementing this feature required us to add a new data type to our core data model we’ve been using to generate the statistics, timesheets and more. Even tough we thoroughly prepared for the database migration and tested it on various devices with various users without any issues, the migration failed in some cases for some users after updating to 2.4.0 resulting in a high CPU usage and freezes. We therefore released a hotfix shortly after solving the issue. Unfortunately, this meant we had to reset the database and with it the statistics and timesheets. We know this didn’t go as smooth as planned and we apologize for the lost data. We still don’t know why the migration failed in some cases and why it succeeded in others. But we’re happy that the new data model is now working perfectly for everyone and that the new Session Title feature works flawlessly.

New update 2.5.0 on macOS

Speaking of new updates for macOS. We’ve just released our latest update 2.5.0 for Flow on macOS, which adds the long requested URL blocking support for the Brave Browser and Microsoft Edge. Along with the changes to the URL blocking list we’ve improved the look of the timer in the menu bar, tweaked the look of the fullscreen break in dark mode and fixed some minor bugs. With the help of one of our French users Vassili, we were able to correct and improve our French translation of Flow. We hope you enjoy the new update.

Our progress with Flow on iOS

Flow Basic is almost ready to be released on iOS. There are only a few things we’re still figuring out. Based on our experience, the release will speed up and help the development of Flow on iOS. We’ll continuously improve and expand Flow on iOS based on our roadmap and on our users’ feedback. Most notably we want to add iCloud sync and our Pro features first after release.

A big shout-out to our user Katelin

As always, we’d like to end this month’s devblog with a personal anecdote. About two weeks ago, a user reached out to us telling us he heard about Flow from TikTok. Since we don’t use TikTok ourselves, the video could not be ours. We then asked him if he could send us the video he was referring to. Shortly after, we got to watch a lovely short video made by Katelin (@katestiktokaccount) in which she recommends Flow for people using the Pomodoro Technique. It really made our day and it’s very special to us to see people enjoying our work and sharing it with others. Thank you so much for your support, Katelin, and for always making us smile when we watch the video. Go check her out! She’s a 23-year-old writer currently in the process of publishing her first novel which she finished writing during quarantine.

Thank you for your ongoing support and love! Stay awesome everyone! See you in our next devblog post.

Lea and Leif


  1. Santiago

    Hi there, i really love this app. I can’t wait for the iOS release. Can you please send me a notification when it’s done? I wanna be one of the first ones.

    Thank you so much for constantly increasing my productivity and improving my lifestyle.

    Cheers from Colombia.

    • Lea

      Thank you so much, Santiago! ❤️

      Of course! However, we don’t have a newsletter yet. But we’ll write a blog post and inform our users on Twitter (@flow__app) about the release.


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