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Flow iOS Release

December 24, 2021 · 2 min read

Devblog: Flow Pro for iOS and iPadOS

Hello everyone. Just in time for the end of the year, Flow Pro is finally available on iPhone and iPad. Thank you so much for being so patient with us over the past few months. Let’s use the last devblog post of the year to review the past few months and also look ahead to our most anticipated features and changes in 2022.

We’re very happy with the development of Flow over the last few months. We think we’ve found a good rhythm at the moment. The way we’ve bundled our upcoming features into larger updates has meant that we can better focus on the relevant next steps. It’s now easier for us to commit to an update, which makes us more efficient in development. A good structuring of tasks is important to keep motivation high and our goals reachable.

Flow Pro on iOS and iPadOS

Many of you might already know Flow’s Pro features from Flow on Mac. With our latest update, we’ve made most of the Pro features available to our mobile users as well. Some features, such as the URL blocker, are not yet included and require more development time. If you’re already a Pro user on Mac, you don’t need to purchase the Pro upgrade again. However, you may need to restore your purchase if it’s not already activated at launch.

What happened this year

First and foremost, we released Flow for iOS and iPadOS earlier this year, which was a big step for us. Since then, we’ve received a lot of valuable feedback and were able to identify great improvements for the future of Flow on mobile devices. Another major milestone was the integration of iCloud sync capabilities to Flow. Almost as expected, this came with a bunch of problems that we managed to address very quickly. We’ve also overhauled our statistics on macOS to show a time chart rather than just total numbers, which will be a good basis for further improvements and more detailed statistics. And of course, we just released Flow Pro for iPhone and iPad.

A look ahead to 2022

There are a bunch of exciting updates planned for 2022. We’ve once more updated and refined our roadmap to display our plans for the upcoming year. We’re especially excited to work on the Apple Watch version of Flow. We think Flow is a great fit for the Apple Watch, and considering how often the watchOS port has been requested, we think you’ll agree.

What would you like to see us writing about here? Are there any features you miss on our roadmap?

As always, if you enjoy using Flow and would like to support its development, we’d be grateful for a review on the App Store. Every review is important and helps our tiny developer studio tremendously.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year! We appreciate all of you for your continued interest in Flow and your support.

Lea and Leif


  1. Dennis

    Hey there,

    I just started using Flow. I like he design and I especially like the option to go fullscreen once entering a break. It helps me to stop instead of going on for minutes after a session ended.

    One feature I am missing as of yet is some form of export for the statistics and integrations with other apps, especially Toggl and Todoist come to mind, as they are in my personal productivity stack.

    Where can I find information about the available global hotkeys?


    • Lea

      Welcome aboard, Dennis! Thank you so much for using Flow and for your kind feedback. 🙂

      Exporting the statistics (.txt, .csv) is available on Mac with Flow Pro. We also plan to integrate productivity apps such as Things, Todoist or Apple’s Reminder App in the future. However, it’s still too early to say what integration will be possible. You can learn more about our upcoming updates on our roadmap.

      You can find our global hotkeys in our documentation at Have a great day!

      • Paul

        +1 for a Things integration! You don’t have a timeline on this yet thought? (At least I’m not seeing anything in the devblog)

        Keep up the great work!


        • Lea

          Hello Paul! 👋 Thank you for letting us know you’d be interested in a Things integration.

          You’re right, we don’t have a release date yet. There are a number of features that take priority at the moment. But we’ll keep you updated on our devblog. 😉

    • Mark

      Hi! Vote +1 for integration with Todoist =)

      • Lea

        Hey Mark 👋 Thank you for letting us know you’d be interested in this feature!

  2. Gus

    Thank you for Flow! I’ve tried a dozen of Pomodoros in the last months, and Flow Pro is just the right thing for me. I’m very much looking forward for the Apple Watch version – because a timer makes total sense on a watch 😊

    • Lea

      Hello Gus! Thank you for the kind words. We agree and we’re also really looking forward to seeing Flow on the Apple Watch! 😉

  3. zzhang

    Thank you for developing such a great APP!
    Flow almost meet my all needs so I bought a lifetime version as soon as I found it!
    I have a feature requirement. I think it can make Flow better ^_^.

    While keeping the software simple, I need a function to play background music (white noise or other) during foucs. Therefore, I have the following suggestions:

    1. Do not provide built-in music, only provide local audio upload (or directly play local audio).

    2. Provide Alfred workflow to connect with apple music.

    Background music or white noise makes it easier for users to immerse themselves in work. I’m looking forward to this function entering your road map.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Lea

      Hey there 👋 Great suggestions and thank you for the kind words! We appreciate your feedback. I’ve added your ideas to our list of possible new features for the future. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

  4. Jay


    I’ve recently started to use Flow and I really like the design and the feel of the application. I purchased the Pro version, and the URL blocking is awesome!

    One thing I wish Flow had is being able to “pin” the Flow application to the MacOS toolbar. I dont know how to properly explain it, but basically when I click the Flow timer in the toolbar, I wish that the Flow application would always open at just below the timer, instead of being a freely movable window. Another Pomodoro timer that I used before Flow (Be Focused) has this and I quite like it.

    • Lea

      Hello Jay! We appreciate your support and honest feedback! 🙂

      I see your point. However, we intentionally decided not to attach the window to the menu bar to offer the flexibility of moving the timer anywhere on the screen or even to an external display and keeping it on top of other windows. Tip: If you prefer to keep the window just below the timer in your menu bar, you can position the Flow window directly below the menu bar icon and it will keep its position after closing and reopening.

      Also, if you prefer to keep your desktop tidy and the Flow window hidden, there are several ways to control the timer without having to open the Flow window. For example you can right-click the menu bar timer to easily start or stop the timer. Or you can use our global keyboard shortcuts to control various features of Flow.

      I hope this was helpful for you.

  5. Cris

    Flow is a great app and I like very much for the simplicity, it’s great having it now on iPhone and iPad even, I agree it should be great having it also on the watch, it makes perfect sense. Now having it on every platform, Flow could sync the stats between them, nowadays every version has its own records and should be great to have the same stats every time when switching from phone to computer or tablet. Congratulations and keep the good work going!

    • Lea

      Hi Cris 👋

      You can already sync your statistics across devices. You don’t even need Flow Pro for this. Your completed sessions are usually automatically synced between your devices via iCloud and displayed in the statistics. Make sure iCloud is enabled for Flow on your devices. On iPhone/iPad, go to System Preferences -> Apple ID -> iCloud and make sure to enable Flow. On Mac, go to System Preferences -> Apple ID -> iCloud Drive -> Options and make sure to enable Flow.

      In the future we’ll add the option to sync the timer and current session progress across devices too. I hope this answers your question. 🙂

  6. Peter

    Please integrate with Apple’s Reminders and Calendar ASAP. We all have free access to those apps.

    • Lea

      Hi Peter! We agree that an integration with Apple’s Reminders would be a great feature and it’s on our list for the future. There are a few features that take priority at the moment, like timer sync across devices.

      Flow already syncs completed sessions to Apple’s Calendar app. 🙂


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