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Flow iOS Release

April 04, 2021 · 2 min read

Devblog: iOS Release and statistics overhaul

Happy Easter to everyone! 🐣 Today’s devblog is about our recent Flow iOS release and our upcoming overhaul of the statistics.

First, let’s talk about the release of Flow for iOS. We’re so happy it’s finally here. There were many ups and downs during the development. Since it’s our first product on a mobile device, there was a lot for us to learn in the process of making this app. Just like on macOS, we see the development of Flow on iOS as a continuous process even after its release. We’re excited to hear your feedback and look forward to the coming months with new updates, including iCloud Sync and Flow Pro. And a big thank you to our beta testers! Your support over the past months was fantastic!

Roadmap for Flow iOS

Just like we did with Flow macOS, we now have a roadmap for Flow iOS on our website. The listed features and improvements will change over time and new features may be added based on your feedback.

Other platforms

Due to the similarity of iPadOS and iOS, we think that we will be able to add support for iPads sooner than expected. We’re currently checking out what details and features we need to adjust or redesign specifically for larger screens. After that, we’ll take a look at watchOS.

Overhauling the statistics

Currently, the statistics on macOS show very little data. We want to revise that in the near future. In addition to more detailed data, we also want to display a chart that visualizes your completed Flow sessions. The diagram will of course also be integrated into Flow iOS. We want both versions to be more aligned in the future.

Last but not least, if you enjoy using Flow on iOS, we’d be so grateful for a review on the App Store. Especially in the beginning after a release, every review is important and helps our tiny developer studio tremendously.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our devblog! Stay awesome everyone! We’ll see you in a month.

Lea and Leif


  1. Edoardo

    Hi, love the app!!

    Could you explain what exactly “commitment mode” do on mac?


    • Lea

      Thank you, Edoardo! 💚

      With commitment mode enabled, you can’t pause the timer. You need to disable the commitment mode first. It’s used for self-control, if you tend to pause the timer too often and lose focus as a result.

  2. Vibhansh Gupta

    Hi, I just love everything about the app and the dev team you have.
    You guys love to keep things minimalistic which is my favourite part about the app. I cannot wait for more features to be brought into the pro version, maybe we’ll see some sort of syncing between macOS and iOS apps ?

    Cheers 🍻

    • Lea

      That’s wonderful! Thank you so much, Vibhansh! An option to sync between devices via iCloud is in the works. ☺️

  3. Drew

    Love your app! I have been extra-productive during a busy finals week. Do you plan to develop Flow for PC in the future?

    • Lea

      Thank you, Drew! I’m glad to hear that Flow helped you during your finals! 💪🏻

      Of course, we’d love to see Flow on PC. Currently, however, we have no plans to port it to Windows. We’ll see what the future holds. 😉

  4. Mircea Gutu

    Hey! I really like your app and purchased the lifetime version! I’m looking forward to see what you are going to implement in the future. I have an idea for the interface: it would be nice to see the number of the current Flow next to the timer. For example like this:

    ( 2 | 32:45 ) – that would be the 2nd Flow and there are 32 Minutes left. You get the idea. What do you think? Thanks

    • Lea

      Hey, Mircea! Thank you for your support and suggestion. ☺️

      I think it’s a wonderful idea. Just to make sure I understand this correctly, you mean you’d like to see the number of the current flow in relation to the current cycle next to the little timer in your menu bar, right?

  5. Peter Springs-Tooth

    I subscribed to pro to be able to rename my session.
    But how can I see how many pomodoros I spent for one session?

    • Lea

      Hi Peter! 👋

      I see I’ve already answered your question via email. For anyone else wondering, the session name is currently only used in the calendar sync and exported time sheet on Mac. But we definitely plan to expand our statistics in the future to include the individual session titles and categorized time, so users can see how much time they spent on different tasks.


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