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February 03, 2021 ยท 5 min read

Devblog: New update for macOS and upcoming iOS release

Hello everyone. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป We’ve been hard at work over the past month getting the iOS release ready as well as implementing the new “session title”-feature for macOS. I’ll go into more detail about both of these topics here, and also talk a little bit about how working from home can be challenging without proper balance.

New update on macOS

Let’s start with our latest update 2.4.0 for Flow on macOS. In addition to several less noticeable changes and improvements, the update also includes a new Pro feature that allows users to overwrite the label above the timer with the task at hand. This has been a frequently requested feature and we think it’s a wonderful addition to Flow.

The entered task name or session title, whatever you want to call it, will be visible in your exported timesheets and the Apple Calendar, if you’re syncing to it. This simple feature will allow us to present task-related statistics in the future, and opens up new ways to integrate tasks from other apps, such as Apple’s “Reminders” or apps like “Things” and “Todoist”. But that’s a topic for the future.

Release of Flow for iOS

More important and much closer is our release for iOS. We had originally planned a release by the end of 2020, but we were unsatisfied with some aspects of the app and wanted to give ourselves a little more time to improve the app. Our current plan is to release Flow in Q1 2021. We’ll announce a release date on Twitter as soon as we know. We’ve released a new test version 0.10.0 for our beta testers last week.

Some thoughts on the challenges of working in isolation

I’ll tell you a little bit about Lea’s and my personal experience with our work-life-balance during Covid, more specifically during the so-called “lockdown” in Germany. We’ve been working from home for years now, so this side of the lockdown in Germany wasn’t that big of an adjustment for us. However, since we always had the possibility to visit our local bouldering gym, we had a good work-life-balance without really noticing it.

And when the stores and restaurants closed, so did our bouldering gym. Stupidly, we replaced our weekly climbing sessions with work, because being at home implies being at work for us. And I guess that was the underlying challenge all along, which just got amplified by the absence of going to the gym every other day.

Without a proper way to declare work hours and workplace, even when working from home, it impacts your sleep, fatigue, productivity, and mental and physical health surprisingly quickly.

Especially for entrepeneurs and freelancers, there’s no limit to the amount of work you can put into your projects and products. It can quickly turn into the opposite and ineffective if you overwork yourself.

I guess we all have to find new alternatives to our usual activities, whatever that may be for you, to distance ourselves from work and find some headspace. We’ve noticed that a walk in the park, an hour a day, can make all the difference.

What’s your daily routine like, and what helps you to be efficient while working from home?

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in Flow! Stay awesome! We hope to see you in our next devblog post.

Lea and Leif


  1. Vibhansh Gupta

    Don’t over burden yourself with work. It’s important to stay mentally healthy.
    We are patiently waiting for the iOS release and till then, we will keep loving Flow for macOS.

    Thank You from devs all around the world !

    • Lea

      Thank you, Vibhansh! That’s very sweet of you! ๐Ÿ’š


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