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Flow iOS Release

March 30, 2022 · 1 min read

Devblog: We stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

Hello everyone. We’ve released a new update for Flow on iOS, iPadOS and macOS this week that includes major changes to Flow’s statistics on mobile devices. But before we go into the details of the latest update, we’d like to talk about the overshadowing topic in the world – the war in Ukraine.

It’s difficult to stick to business and talk about the development of Flow when in reality our everyday life in Germany has been anything but business as usual for several weeks now. We see the situation with great concern, especially for the people who are directly affected by this war. We hate to see the suffering and we’re appalled by the actions of the Russian government in its invasion of Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine and its people in their fight to maintain their freedom. And we support Russians who stand against the actions of the Russian government.

Please know, that Lea, Stefan and I are here to have an open ear no matter the topic you want to chat about. We appreciate you.

Statistics update on all platforms

Our latest update for Flow on iOS, iPadOS and macOS was released this week and brought some new features to the statistics. On iPhone and iPad, you’ll now find bar graphs at the top of the statistics screen that show the total number of flows or, since the latest version, optionally the total time. With the new version, you also have the option to change the displayed time period and view older data. In addition, if you tap and hold on the bars with your finger, you will see the data of the respective point in time. The bar charts are not new to Flow users on Mac. However, the statistics on Mac received new features such as a day view, total statistics and an option to switch the unit (count/time).

Following our roadmap, we will now focus on bringing Flow to Apple Watch. We’ve never developed an app for watchOS before, so we’re really excited!

We appreciate all of you for your continued interest in Flow and your support. Stay well!


  1. Ruslan

    Thanks for Standing with Ukraine. It is even more pleasure using Flow App knowing yours stance.

  2. Serhii

    It’s nice to know that my favorite productivity app supports my homeland🥹


  3. Serhii

    Thank you!


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