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January 04, 2021 · 4 min read

Devblog: Our plans for Flow in 2021

Hello everyone! 👋🏻 It has been a while since we last talked about the future development of Flow. And with the turn of the year, it seems to be a suitable time to take a look ahead. We want to be open with you and let you participate in our decisions.

First off, we’ve never really told you much about ourselves before. We’d like to catch up on that. My life partner, Lea, and I, Leif, are the founders of our own small developer studio in Germany called Yugen. Together with our friend and software developer, Stefan, who to this day regularly sacrifices his free time for Flow, we started developing Flow in 2017 after graduating from University. The project quickly became our passion and until a few weeks ago Flow was not monetized at all. With that said, 2021 has only just begun and we are looking forward to the release of Flow for iOS and hopefully many new great features for both macOS and iOS.

Organizational changes this year

As you could have already read in our blog post for Christmas, we will hopefully be able to hire a part-time developer in the coming year. It would be our first employee and a new member of our team, which is why we’re really looking forward to this opportunity.

In addition, we plan to write a blog post every month about our current development progress and interesting topics related to the pomodoro technique and productivity in general from now on. We also want to communicate and share more with you on Twitter, involve you in some of our decisions, and let you vote on new features.

Development of Flow in 2021 and beyond

Just to give you an idea of how we will move forward with the development in 2021: Here’s a rough overview of some of our bigger milestones in the years ahead. Minor updates, features and improvements are not mentioned here, as we usually opt for these at shorter notice.

Flow macOS: Update incl. option to set a session title / task
Flow iOS: Release incl. all basic features
Flow macOS: Update incl. customize global keyboard shortcuts
Flow iOS: Update incl. iCloud sync and statistical graphs
Flow iOS: Update incl. Pro features
Port to iPadOS and watchOS

The development of Flow can be a rough ride at times. There are ups and downs, sometimes we achieve our goals faster than expected, sometimes it takes significantly longer, and sometimes our plans change completely. For us, however, this uncertainty is part of the fun of owning our own business and it’s simply part of learning and improving over time. We truly love what we do, even if we’re sometimes missing some motivation and would rather play a game or binge our favorite show.

As you might know, we usually don’t set any specific deadlines for ourselves. We continue to find out what we can and can’t do. In the end, we’re essentially still only two. From answering support mails on a daily basis to maintaining the website, blog and social media to planning, designing, developing and testing new features of Flow; there’s always enough to fill our day. And then there are also our less fun but necessary business duties as well as other projects and apps that we work on. So it might take some time, but we’re slowly but surely getting there.

What changes are you looking forward to the most? What features are you missing? What are your personal goals and plans for 2021?

We appreciate your patience, understanding, great feedback and encouraging words. This dream called Flow wouldn’t be here today without folks like you believing in us. Thank you!

We wish you happiness, health, love, and success in 2021!
Lea and Leif


  1. Jordan

    I just bought pro to support your work, I appreciate the clean design — it clearly is an app that you wanted to work on and make nice for yourselves and others. The one feature I would like is the ability to modify the current progress of a flow, sometimes I’m 15 minutes into a task and realize I haven’t set the timer.

    • Lea

      Thank you, Jordan! It means a lot to us! ☺️

      I can see your point. I’ll put your suggestion on our list for future improvements. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

  2. Yohei

    I just downloaded Flow. I really love the simple and sophisticated UI design. I would like to share this app. Most of pomodoro apps incorporate the feature – ToDo. However, I don’t hope Flow to be more complicated and harder to use.

    • Lea

      Thank you for the kind feedback, Yohei. 🙂

      We’ll definitely keep the minimalistic approach. We want Flow to be simple, beautiful, and easy to use.

  3. Mika Alon

    I love flow! I’m really looking forward to the watchOS app 🙂
    I’m still looking for a good watchOs pomodoro app, and I still can’t find anything that I like.
    I hope this is something you can achieve in the future. Really love your work guys!

    • Lea

      Thank you, Mika! ❤️

      Absolutely. We’re also looking forward to seeing Flow on watchOS!

  4. Lily Lee

    I like this app! It is simple but just enough. Its user experience is excellent!
    I love flow’s UI;It’s clean and clear!Thank you for creating the beautiful app! ^O^

    • Lea

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Lily! 🥰

  5. Severin


    Ich warte schon freudig auf das Update welches Statistiken mitbringen soll.
    Habt ihr schon eine grobe Idee wann es soweit sein könnte?

    Viele Grüße!

    • Lea

      Hi Severin! Es freut uns zu hören, dass du schon gespannt auf die neuen Statistiken wartest. ☺️

      Wir werden in wenigen Wochen ein Update für Flow macOS veröffentlichen, worin die neue Übersicht der Statistiken integriert sein wird. In Zukunft wollen wir diese Übersicht dann noch erweitern. Genaueres werden wir in einem der kommenden Devblogs erläutern.

      • Severin

        Alles klar, wunderbar 🙂 Danke für die Rückmeldung!


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