If you’re curious to see what our development progress looks like and what the latest updates to Flow actually consist of, you can browse through the changelog below.

  • Version 1.4.3

NEW: 15 minutes long break duration option
NEW: 90 minutes Flow duration option
NEW: Translate app into Catalan (thanks to Albert)
NEW: Translate app into Dutch (thanks to Arjo)
NEW: Translate app into Korean (thanks to Minsang)
IMPROVE: Higher quality notification sound
IMPROVE: Spanish translation (thanks to Albert and Fernando)
FIX: Jumping timer digits (thanks to Ville)
FIX: Menu bar timer border isn’t correctly sized
FIX: Window sometimes pops up on timer quick-start

  • Version 1.4.2

NEW: Start Flows automatically (optional)
NEW: Shortcut (cmd + h) to hide app window
NEW: Italian translation

  • Version 1.4.1

FIX: Outdated URLs for support, etc.
FIX: Different window sizes
FIX: Indicator dots aren’t same size on some displays

  • Version 1.4.0

NEW: Option “Fullscreen at start of break”
NEW: Option “Hide window when timer starts”
NEW: Keyboard shortcut “cmd+f” for start/stop
NEW: “Skip break”-button in fullscreen mode
NEW: 50 minutes duration option for Flows
IMPROVE: Reorganize settings
FIX: Secondary click (“ctrl-click”) doesn’t works on the status bar icon
FIX: Some translation errors
FIX: Overlapping issues in some languages

  • Version 1.3.0

NEW: Option “Launch at Login”
IMPROVE: Flow will now start automatically after skipping the break
FIX: Some translations

  • Version 1.2.4

FIX: Overlapping in Russsian translation
FIX: Uncorrect statistics

  • Version 1.2.3

FIX: Disrupted translation files

  • Version 1.2.2

NEW: Translated into Russian
NEW: Feedback opportunity

  • Version 1.2.1

FIX: Sound notification setting isn’t saved
FIX: Timer pauses when mac goes to sleep

  • Version 1.2.0

NEW: Optional sound notification at end of every Flow and break
IMPROVE: Close-button now only shows when hovering
FIX: Breaks aren’t starting automatically

  • Version 1.1.1

HOTFIX: Wrong app name

  • Version 1.1.0

NEW: Statistics (Flows today / this week / this month / this year)
NEW: Breaks can be skipped via notifications
NEW: Blacklist now contains a helpful description
NEW: Translated app into Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish
IMPROVE: Blacklisted apps will no longer be blocked when a Flow is paused
FIX: Reset button unneccessarily shown sometimes
FIX: Flow is starting when notification message is clicked
FIX: Flow window doesn’t close when support or website buttons are clicked
FIX: Added missing translations

  • Release 1.0.0

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