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02/15/21 – Rare performance issues have been fixed

The performance issues have been resolved with 2.4.1. If you’re experiencing performance issues, make sure to update to 2.4.1 or newer.

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Have a look at our frequently asked questions.

What can I do if the Pro features are unavailable after the upgrade?

If you’ve successfully upgraded to Flow Pro but still don’t see the Pro features, you will need to restart Flow. If that doesn’t help, click “Upgrade…” and then click “Restore Purchase” to restore the Pro upgrade.

How do I change to lifetime access if I'm already subscribed?

If you currently have a monthly or yearly subscription to Flow Pro and want to purchase lifetime access, you need to cancel your current subscription. Please follow the directions in this article to do so. After the subscription has expired, you can purchase lifetime access.

Is Flow Pro available on iOS?

Flow iOS does not yet include Pro features. We will add them with later updates. Your Pro access will then of course apply to both macOS and iOS.

Does my Pro purchase count for other devices?

Yes, absolutely. Your Flow Pro access will count for any device connected to your App Store Account.

Which new features do you plan to implement?

Check out our roadmap to see what features are planned next. We also plan to support other Apple devices such as Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Can I set custom durations?

Yes. If you upgrade to Flow Pro you get the option to set your own custom durations.

Are there global keyboard shortcuts?

Yes. Check out Flow’s global and non-global keyboard shortcuts in our documentation.

I have issues with the calendar synchronization and need help.

Check out the most common issues in our documentation. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

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