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Is there a mobile version of Flow?

We are currently developing a mobile version for iOS 14+ which can already be tested. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, let us know your full name and your email address used for your Apple ID.

Can I set custom durations?

Yes. If you upgrade to Flow Pro you get the option to set your own custom durations.

Are there any shortcuts?

Yes, of course. Have a look at our keyboard shortcuts in our documentation.

Why did you choose a subscription model instead of a one-time purchase?

We can absolutely understand that some users don’t like subscriptions. However, one-time purchases have proven to be unsustainable for developers nowadays, as system changes (e.g. macOS Big Sur) require continual updates and users expect ongoing maintenance, support, improvements, and new features. In the past, developers would let their software become obsolete and incompatible over time in order to sell a successor later. As the requirements have changed in recent years, subscription models are becoming more and more common. We plan to continue our support for Flow and we have a long list of planned improvements and new features. Thank you for understanding!

Which new features do you plan to implement?

You can read more about our future plans for Flow here or have a look at our roadmap.

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