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We think
less is more.

Our Story

Flow is being developed by Lea, Leif and Stefan from Germany. The idea of a minimalistic and user-oriented Pomodoro-based focus timer was born in early 2018, and the app was released for Mac a few months later. Flow was not monetized until late in 2020 and up to that point developed entirely in their spare time while graduating from University and working their jobs.

While Stefan still regularly sacrifices his free time for the development of the app, Lea and her partner Leif made it their job to continue Flow’s journey. What our users and we ourselves love most about Flow, is its simplicity and minimal interface. Even tough we’ll continue to add new features and improve certain aspects of the app along the way, Flow will keep its minimalistic approach.

User Feedback & Ongoing Development

We value your opinion and we listen to you. We receive wonderful messages from users everyday sharing their feedback and suggestions with us. We believe listening to feedback and staying in touch with our users is what makes Flow great and truly helps the further development.

We are not perfect and there will be bugs sometimes. But we address these problems and bugs immediately. We gather feature requests, think them through and implement them into Flow if they make a good fit. We truly want to make Flow the best focus timer experience for you.

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