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You can optionally upgrade to Flow PRO to unlock additional features and support Flow’s development.

Advanced controls
& Session title

Accurately control your sessions by skipping or resetting a session – work or break – at any time. Name your session to stay reminded of your task at hand.

Custom durations
& Session count

Set your flow and break durations however you like. Adjust the amount of Flow session before a long break. You don’t need a long break? Simply set the durations accordingly.

URL Blocking

With Flow Pro on Mac you can easily block websites so you don’t get distracted while you work. Blocking URLs works with Safari, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave and Vivaldi.

Url Blocker Mac

Advanced features. With even more to come.

Flow Pro receives regular updates, improvements, and additions based on your feedback. Have a look at our roadmap to see what our plans are.

Export Time Sheets

You’re working in home office and your employer needs a time sheet? You can export your session log in .txt or .csv.

Sync to Calendar

Synchronize your completed sessions to your calendar. Get an overview of how much work you get done during a week.

Alternative Menu Bar Icon

Switch to a more minimalist timer icon if you tend to get distracted by the default Flow timer in your menu bar.

Ticking Sound

A ticking sound, much like a kitchen timer, can help you concentrate more easily and put yourself in a working mindset.

Commitment Mode

If you tend to pause the timer too often and lose focus as a result, you can use Commitment Mode to better control yourself.

Support the Development

Flow is being developed by a small independent developer studio from Germany. We appreciate your support!

Have any questions?

Have a look at our frequently asked questions about Pro.

Does my Pro purchase count for other devices?

Yes, absolutely. Your Flow Pro access will count for any device connected to your App Store Account.

How do I get Lifetime Access if I'm already subscribed?

You must first cancel your current subscription and wait for it to expire. You can then purchase Lifetime Access.

What new features are you planning to implement?

Check out our roadmap to see what features are planned next.

Start using Flow for free today

Your journey with Flow starts by downloading Flow for free on the App Store. You can upgrade to Flow PRO later on.

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