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Ready to get started with Flow

Get things done and regain calmness at work with Flow. Enjoy the basics of Flow for free or trial our advanced version with more features via in-app purchase on the App Store. 


For starters

$0 / month

No ads. No sign-up. Free forever.


  • Pomodoro based focus timer
  • Many duration options
  • Statistics including graphs
  • Session and break notifications
  • Settings to customize experience

Mac-specific features

  • App blocking
  • Global keyboard shortcuts
  • Apple Script support
  • Fullscreen break
  • Quick control via menu bar

Mobile-specific features

  • Home Screen Widget
  • 3D Touch Support


For power users

$1 / month

Or get lifetime access for only $29

Everything in Free, plus…

  • Customizable session title
  • Advanced session controls
  • Customizable durations
  • Customizable session count
  • Time unit in statistics
  • Apple Calendar sync
  • Commitment Mode
  • Ticking or metronome sound

Mac-specific features

  • Web blocking
  • Alternative menu bar icon
  • Time sheet export (.csv, .txt)

The above prices are for the US App Store. Your local prices may vary but will be displayed correctly in the app.

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