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Our Roadmap

A brief overview of our development plans for Flow macOS. We don’t set deadlines and therefore can’t predict release dates. The features are listed in no particular order. An iOS, iPadOS and watchOS version of Flow is also planned.

Flow macOS

Planned Additions to Flow

•   Better Statistics

•   iCloud Sync

•   Today Widget

•   Touch Bar Integration

•   Disable Long Break

•   Reset session counter automatically

•   Reassign Global Shortcuts

•   Adjust Notification Sound Volume

Planned Additions to Flow PRO

•   Blocking List for Websites

•   Task Management

•   Alternative Menu Bar Icons

•   Commitment Mode

•   Alternative Notification Sounds

•   Sync to Google Calendar

•   Integration with Popular To-Do Apps

•   Flow Mini

•   Eye Rest Rule (20-20-20)

Flow iOS (currently in Beta)

Planned features will be visible after release

Suggest a feature. We’d love to hear from you.

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